Rabu, 26 September 2018

Don’t leave your presence

Your presence is truly the only thing that makes me comfortable

Your presence isn’t as good for the others, but I am the only one that has a heart aside from the others.

I could smile all day just to see you smile back at me

I just can’t hold my feelings for you, but you’re the one who’s not opening up those feelings for me, open it for me once or twice, because ill be the opening it for once, and will fill it with love and passion.

Why do I always stare at you? Why do I always think about you? And why are you always on my mind? I can’t answer these question because you’re the answer my dear.

Your eyes are too imitating to be looked at, it’s too cute, it’s too gorgeous and it’s too precious to be looked, gaze, and admired by someone else except me.

I love the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you laugh and the way you make decision’s for your future, let it be, let me be, let me be the one who makes you laugh, sad, and surprised, because even these words couldn’t fit all my feelings for you.

I’ve begged your heart, but you just doesn’t care, or you just don’t want to open up?

Don’t worry, it takes time to love my dear.


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