Rabu, 26 September 2018

Even The Smallest Things Can Dream

Do you ever see yourself in the middle of a crowded street? If you ever, you’re going to know that you’re not the only one who’s there. Human kind is expanding into a bizarre state right now, so humans are now busy catching they’re dreams that they didn’t realize that people by their sides are in a crucial state, like economics, studies, and all sort of problems. The smallest people could dream high, higher than the galaxy beyond, so why can’t we ignore the smallest things? It’s because the smallest mistake will ruin a whole plan. The plan you’re willing to buy a car, the plan you’re willing to build a home for your family in the future, ruined by a small amount of mistake, don’t look up, look down for a minute and look how these poor people are dreaming about they’re occupation, some of them can grab those dreams and some doesn’t. We all have to know that some of us fail and some of us have success, but those mistakes are from us and we have to fix those mistakes as fast as possible to retrieve what we lost and what we could have. Even or odd our plans will not fail if we planned the plan before we made the plan, I know it’s a bit confusing but its life, its sometimes confusing and sometimes it’s just clear as crystal fresh water. To build, to improve, to imitate, and to emphasize our plans, we have to start with the smallest things. If we have a hobby to sell stuff, open an online shop first, it’s easy, productive, creative, and somehow satisfying. When the business is running well, try renting a store or just a window shop, and promote it to the entire area, state, country, ETC.
Success don’t come easy, it comes with a price, sometimes those prices are will, energy, sacrifice and more. Will, we need “the will” to make a new business, to dream, and to produce new ideas. Energy, we need energy to keep our business running, because “Time is money” don’t waste your time with nonsense, waste it with more studying and more searching. For great ideas and business we need to sacrifice ourselves to make the business run smoothly like sacrificing your allowance for the sake of your business. You can’t just skip your chores, because even a chore could make you more discipline and more reliable for a job if you’re working in an office. We can’t just sit down, we can’t just stand like a statue, because your dreams are waiting for you in the future, you can easily reach it if you have the will to reach and the sacrifice to get it more legit. So to the point, even the smallest things could expand drastically to be a giant and useful things, human kind is willing to pay you if you’re good at you’re job.
So don’t just say that you’ll be successful, if your plan doesn’t even work, check, review, and always revise your work, the smallest things could make a giant BANG, your life has a deadline and it’s hard to find the starting point, so, how about starting it now.
Reach your dreams, throw those ego’s, and never look back, because your future is in front of
A little something from, Daffa Adrikal(15)

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